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From early man till there is mankind on the earth; food and shelter are the basic requirements of life. Man wants to live in a shelter where he is safe and relaxed. There is a need of safety and the most required is food. People go for three to five meals in a day. In earlier time people cook their food on wood or charcoal fire, then they turn to chulha. People have wooden fireplace or chimney at their home for cooking food for them.

Need of Fireplace

In every home or other places people have special Fireplace and accessories for cooking food for them and their family. Many people especially in India, consult vaastu for direction and place for their fireplace or chimney in their home. Fireplace must be auspicious and provide good luck for their family. There is piece, happiness and unity in the family. Apart from cooking, people make small fireplace in their room especially in cold countries or cold places. It helps to provide warm to your body and up the room temperature which is essential part for people living in cold countries.

Fireplace and Accessories

Wooden or marble fireplace is mostly recommended and used for your chimney and room. Wooden fireplace and accessories are specially designed keeping in mind safety measures and requirement in home.

Now a day, Fireplaces has importance in cold counties or in winter season. It help us warm our body by heating up room temperature. Fireplace is essentially used for cooking your meal. With rapid enhancement and up gradation in technologies there are various fireplace requirements and fireplace accessories as per requirement and convenience. Material used for fireplace is very safe and smokeless with no injurious gasses. While lightening fire in home safety and health is checked. Fuel for fireplace at home is made by fuel gas or electricity.

There are numerous fireplace accessories widely categorized as fireplace tools, fireplace screens, log holder and many more. Fireplace tools are used to stir up the fire or emptied the ashtrays that are filled with its ash. Most of the Fire place accessories tools are made up of iron, copper, chrome, silver and other metal tools that can be used in the chimney. Log Holder is used to carry logs pile that you use in your Fire place. Fireplace screen is also an upgraded fireplace accessories used for make your chimney more attractive and unique design. Most commonly used screen is metal mesh that fits into the fire place to give it a look.

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Safe Fireplace at Your Home

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Safe Fireplace at Your Home

This article was published on 2011/12/02